Mission Statement

To contribute to the cultural growth of our community through quality musical performances
To enrich the lives of the young people of central Ohio through music
To promote works by women composers

Since 1881 Women in Music-Columbus (WMC), a non-profit corporation, has been educating and entertaining the citizens of Central Ohio in the beauty and continuing legacy of classical music. Our exciting concerts and lecture series have brought some of the worlds finest musicians, conductors and composers right here to the stages of our fair city. Additionally, our scholarship program has helped launch the musical careers of a number of students from Columbus and surrounding communities.

The Cantilena Concerts series (Come Hear the Vision), held at the Columbus Museum of Art, consists of four concerts that explore the cross pollination of ideas and inspiration that exist between the visual and aural arts. Narrative and visual references will be accompanied by the very finest in vocal and instrumental presentations.

The Huntington Concerts series at Capital University presents a variety of music in four concerts that feature members of WMC in performance.

WMC’s commitment to musical education, mentoring and outreach, includes sending its orchestra and/or smaller ensembles to various locations throughout the greater Columbus area in order to provide an opportunity for young people to appreciate fine classical music. Through WMC’s mentoring program individuals and groups demonstrate instruments and perform mini-concerts at many area schools.

The in-house Musical Explorations are held in a relaxed, social setting. WMC members perform and explore a variety of music by composers old and new while discovering the history and the relationships of programmed works and sharing musical experiences. Guests are welcome. Membership in WMC is open to all women who love music and includes composers, conductors, performers, and scholars. While the Huntington Concert Series is specifically designed for performances by WMC members and their guests, the Cantilena Concerts Series and the Columbus Women’s Orchestra include professional musicians outside of WMC.