Scholarship Audition Success

Thanks to those who volunteered on Saturday March 6th at the WMC Scholarship Auditions, the auditions were a big success! There were some outstanding young musicians performing. A special thank you goes to the following WMC members for helping to make this possible: Janis Nelson, Jenny Bauman, Kim Kramer, Marcia Jones and Jerrie Cribb. Thanks also to Laura Koh for making up this year’s posters. This year’s judges were: Dean Marcellana, Tony Zilincik, and Peggy Dye.

The prize winners are as follows:

First Place: Wenjie Lu, piano – instructed by Tianshu Wang – Capital University

Second Place: Carly Scranton, soprano – instructed by Karen Peeler – Ohio State University

Third Place: Xue Jiang, piano – instructed by Tianshu Wang – Capital University

Honorable Mention: Shadwa Mussad, violin – instructed by Kia-Hui Tan – Ohio State University

*****Please be sure to attend our Winners’ Recital on Sunday, March 27 at 3pm, in Huntington Recital Hall at Capital University in Bexly, Ohio. You will not be disappointed. These young musicians are truly outstanding. Winners of the YAC will also perform.*******

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